Spring bags from Hi-di-hi!

 Here's a first look at the fantastic new styles coming from Hi-di-hi for spring 2014:

Picnic Collection by Hi-di-hi

"From business to beach: the Picnic Collection from Hi-di-hi incorporates iconic summer imagery into stylish bags and accessories. From the functional beach ball “Coco” to the graphic check print on bags such as “Knapsack” and the “Lattice Wallet” these bags are as fun as they are stylish."

See the video


Elements Collection from Noi-Noi by Hi-di-hi

"The inspiration for the Elements Collection for Spring 2014 was nature itself. The collection evokes fields of flowers, wind and water and the quiet twilight when everything melds together into a tableau of purples and greys. A perfect accompaniment to the season's fashions, the Elements Collection from Noi-Noi will make a beautiful impression."

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